Thursday, July 21, 2016

Spotted and Hearted - June

hello and good morning lawnscaping friends!
it's Samantha M here again, and it's time for another Spotted and Hearted!! today i have some cards i found in the Lawnscaping Flickr account!

(cue the t-shirt cannons, cheering and confetti!!)
i have some amazing projects to feature today! so let's get to it, shall we?

Guys - this card is showstopping!!! The silhouetted images of the two bears from Dad + Me against that GORGEOUS background! The sky is breathtaking, and I LOOOOVE the tiny, tiny stars!! And that beautiful heat embossed sentiment just finishes it all off! 

This alpaca on vacation is FREAKING awesome!!! Ha!! He lost his scarf from the Winter Alpaca stamp set and added some glasses and he's ready for the beach!  And again - that background is TO DIE FOR!! I LOVE this!!

Oh, this slider card is SO COOL! I am in LOVE with the fact that it looks like the crayon is coloring with the slider dies!! What a GREAT idea! And there's nothing I love more in the world than this color combination! That cute chick from the Chirpy Chirp Chirp just makes the card! 

This card literally stopped me in my tracks! What an AMAZING idea and creation with the Fairy Friends stamp set! Combining that set with the Little Bundle stamp set was pure genius! And the coloring!! Just look at the wings - they're so beautiful!! 

Oh, this sweet card is SO ADORABLE!! I am in love with that raccoon couple from the Holiday Party Animal stamp set! That little tie and bow just makes them so cute! This is one of the sweetest ways to use the Baked with Love stamp set - what a great story this card tells! 

ladies feel free to grab the badge above and proudly display it on your blog! today's your day! :)

so what do you say? leave some love for these amazing cards today!
and what's that? you want to see YOUR card featured on the next spotted and hearted post? no problem!
keep posting your lawnscaping challenge projects to the flickr group!!
and did you know that the lawnscaping group has a pinterest page too? check it out here!! so much inspiration all in one place!!


  1. Yes.. Today is my day.. Thank you so much for featuring my card here.. It means a lot to me.. So happy I am.. Big hugs from Sweden!!!

  2. Great cards, everyone! Congrats on being featured. :) ~ Andrea


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