Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hi all! Laurel here.. I've always known that I have a talented group of designers on this amazing team.... Not only do they continue to inspire me daily with their projects, but the talents they possess aside from crafting as well. Jenn gave us a blog make over which I absolutely LOVE and Chrissie, our Graphic Design Coordinator, has updated our badges to match the site! They are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! I squealed when she emailed them to me! Let's check them out!

See? I told you! That are absolutely adorable! THANK YOU CHRISSIE! I love them and couldn't be happier! Be sure to update your blogs with the new badges..... Oh, I've got one more for you. Remember the Lawnscaping Patrol? We are bringing that baby back!! So be on the look outs for posts spotting YOU!!!


  1. Love them!!! - both Jenn and Chrissie are amazing!!!

  2. Looooove the new badges and the new blog design!!
    wow!! Awesome job, Jenn and Chrissie!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Very adorable...will work extra hard to get one of these badges!

  4. These makeovers are both really slick! Good work, ladies!


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