Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heroes Card Drive Update

Wow, I am speechless! Speechless at the card I have received and continue to receive for the Heroes Card Drive....  There are no words... From the bottom of my heart, I thank you...... I am going to mail out the first package of cards at the end of this week.... The drive is still underway and will be running thru the end of this month! So keep those cards coming! Our soldiers will so appreciate it!!!!! You can click on this link to see the details!  Here's a quick picture I took while I was attempting to sort.  The top photo is sorting for an hour, the bottom photo are the packages I still need to go thru!!! HOW AWESOME IS THIS!  I will be coming up with a new sorting method soon!! :) 

I so wish I could personally contact each and every one of you to thank you for what you have done!!! I am compiling a list of all the senders who participated in this drive and  will be posting that up here on the blog soon!


  1. woot woot!!! that is awesome!!!
    want to thank you for planing this so we can bless the ones that fight for our freedom!!!
    will be sending my box off tomorrow :)

  2. how awesome...look at all those cards...

  3. yay! I'm so glad so many cards are coming in! Remember when you were deciding the size of the PO box to get?? I'm so happy I could participate :) I love seeing so many other people have too! Whatever we can do to bring a smile to their faces :)

  4. Laurel, let me know if my manila envelope from Canada with the individual packaged cards has arrived yet... I sent it in June =) I hope you received it hehehe


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