Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day DIY: Hershey Nugget Candy Packs + video!

Hi Lawnscaping Fans!!

Kari with you to share a fun DIY project just in time for Valentine's Day which is Sat!!  I was thinking there are a lot of projects out there that you can do that can be whipped up in a short amount of time, and this one is no exception.

I've taken some Hershey Nugget candies (5) and dressed them up a bit to make a cute little Valentine Gift that you can give to family, friends, co-workers, mail carrier ( that delivers our happy mail;) ) just about anyone.

I've also made a video showing you how I pulled this all together.

I've also showed you that you can get more out of your pattern papers, specifically the Snow Day 6x6 paper pad.  There are other patterns that are great even beyond the holiday season.  There is two patterns I picked out - the red one with a small dot pattern as well as the teal "bokeh" pattern ( or at least that is what I call it).  

I started out by taking the red pattern paper and cutting it down into 3" x 1" strips to cover up the candies.  Then, I cut down the teal pattern paper to 5" long X 2 1/4".  I took the red strips and some small glue dots and adhered two glue dots on one of the pattern paper and then wrapped the candy with the end to be on the bottom side of the candy.  Make sure you take your time, wrap them fairly snug and line up the ends of the pattern paper on the bottom side.  Once I was done wrapping up the candies - I worked on my candy base.  To make sure they fit properly, I just laid one of the candies in the middle of the pattern paper, and made a tic mark on either side of the candy, that way I knew it was centered, and then I took my scoring board tool and scored on those tic marks.  Then, I took my bone folder and really made a good crease in the paper and folded up the sides to make side flaps for the candy base.  Then, I took my Tombow Extreme Adhesive and applied adhesive all the way down in the middle of the base to adhere the candies to.  My tip is down apply pressure until you are sure you have the candies where you want them if you use this same adhesive, but it is VERY strong!  Then, I took a sandwich bag that has the fold over flap, and cut that flap off and wrapped up the whole thing and taped the bottom.  
You could leave it like this...or you could add a tag if you wanted to.  I thumbed through the pattern paper, and there are some small tags that you could use to adhere to the bottom for sentiment if you choose to present it this way.  I chose the one that say You Warm My Heart and cut it down to fit the bottom of the candy pack. And, you are done!! Now its time to give to someone that is special to you and treat them to some yummy chocolate!

I hope this gives you a fun idea for this Valentine's Day or anytime to give a fun treat!!
Below is the video is if you are interested!!  Remember we still have our Clean and Simple Challenge going on, and going strong!

See you soon!


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