Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year cupcakes

Hi there, happy new year...Sabine here! How did you all celebrate? Here in Austria it is a tradition to hand out pigs (and other symbols of good luck) at midnight. So this year I thought I'd use my Critters on the Farm to create piggy cupcake toppers.
I gave them glossy noses...

Here are some examples of the new year pigs and other things that are handed out:
Happy New Year!
Hugs, Sabine


  1. Happy New Year! That's a great tradition and I live your piggy picks and festive cupcakes! Our tradition is to stay home and watch the ball drop in Times Square and then bang pots & pans outside!

  2. I never knew this - piggies are so cute! I will have to do this next year. Happy new year! Your piggie cupcakes are cute!

  3. hahaha!! This is so funny!! Love your cupcake toppers!!
    Didn't know this (pig: symbol for good luck) Very interesting!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!!
    Happy New Year, Sabine!!


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