Saturday, August 17, 2013

one layer? one-derful!

hey there!! samantha m here with a post all about one layers! :)
the one layer challenge just ended here, but i was still feeling the love! 
i know, they can be scary (especially for me! no foam, no paper sequins?!), but it's ok! i have a couple ideas that are perfect for one layer cards! you may even grow to love them! (anything is  possible, right?) ha ha!

but i didn't just make a card, i made bookmarks too! :) i loooooove to read, do you?

i stamped everything onto some super thick white cardstock (with staz-on ink). then i colored all of the images with my inktense pencils. lastly, i took the bookmarks to staples to have them laminated (to make sure they have the power to last)! :)

for my card - i decided to try my hand at the chalkboard technique. i'd say i still have some practice to do, but it sure was fun!!

here's how this card came together:

i heat embossed the images onto black cardstock.

then i stamped in white ink, the same images, but slightly offset.

then i added some smudges of 'chalk' with my white ink pad and a make up foamie-thingy.

you could stop here and have a super fun smudgy chalk-y card. or you can add color! (which is what i did)

i made some color shadows on the letters, and colored in the frame with my inktense pencils, then rubbed the color with a dryer sheet. (weird, right? but it was on my desk, and it worked!)

so my finished card looks like this! :)

alright! there you go! a few one-derful one layer ideas! i hope you're getting crafty this weekend! and make sure to have your lawn fawn stamps, paper and ink ready for the newest lawnscaping challenge, coming your way on monday! :)


  1. Awesome Samantha! I haven't "perfected" the chalk board technique either, you've done a wonderful job here though, and those book marks, AAADDorable!

  2. Super cute Samantha! Love the bookmarks ❤. The one saying "i read past my bedtime" would be perfect for me. Love to read when the house is quiet.
    Great idea for a one layer with the chalk board technique!

  3. ADORABLE! Those bookmarks would make a cute back to school gift. You did great job on the chalk board technique :)

  4. Awesome job! That chalkboard one is just fabulous! :)

  5. So awesome!! I love that you captured the look of colored chalk!! High five!!

  6. wow!!! This is wONE-derful!!
    AWESOME bookmarks and great chalkboard card!!
    Awesome job, Samantha!! wohoo!!

  7. Great bookmarks and fabulous card!!

  8. So many great ideas!! Awesome job, Samantha! Love the bookmarks and love your technique of adding color to the chalkboard card!!

  9. SUPER fab post, Samantha! I LOVE the bookmarks-- such a great way to keep little ones reading! As for me.... reading and I do not have a good relationship. I learned how to read when I was in 6th grade...and I still have a hard time pronouncing words/etc. I probably should read more.

    LOVE your card! LOVE the coloring! What a great idea:) YOU ROCK!!!!

  10. The bookmarks are absolutely adorable, great idea for a gift! I don't read much, and when I do it's on a Kindle or the computer :( The chalk effect on the card is so cool, especially with the Inktense pencils!!!!!


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