Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hee hee! OK!  This was FUN!!!! Our Guess Who game was a hit! We loved seeing your guesses and conversations on Twitter!!!!! We are so glad you had fun playing along! Let's get on to the answers, shall we??!???

Lynnette made:

Ashley made:

Laurel made:

Vera made:

Britta made:

Ayana made:

 Christy made:

 8 of you had correct guesses!!!! I wrote all your names down in order as I received them and then used a number generator to guess the winner...  And the winner is:

WENDY!!!! Please email you your mailing address and I will mail you your prize, a free Lawn Fawn stamp set AND all the cards the Design Team made for the game!!

Thank you guys so much for playing along with our first ever Lawnscaping game. Do you think we should do this again in the future? Do you have any other games you'd like to see featured over here with there is a lag in between challenges (due to a 5th week, etc).... Let us know!!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!


  1. Congrats Wendy! I knew I would get Vera & Lynnette were the ones that tripped me up. :) Fun game!

  2. Congratulations to Wendy!! I was wrong on Christiana & Vera.

  3. LOL And I thought I did so well!!!

  4. Congrats Wendy! This was fun guys - I had to go back & see how I did... was happy I only mixed up Christy and Britta ;).

  5. Congrats Wendy! That sure was fun and I can't believe I got them all right! I'm ready for another round! LOL!

  6. Yay, I guess it all in correctly, hha but i am not the lucky one.. huhu it's really fun gaes and congrats wendy as the winner...

  7. That was a FUN game! Honestly, I feel like I know everyone's style really well and I was still wrong on 2! I mixed up Vera and Christy!


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