Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Accio Bookmarks

Good morning, everyone! I can never resist anything related to Harry Potter. So when I tried thinking of a fun project to share with you all this month, I naturally put on my sorting hat and got to getting creative.

My oldest wanted some bookmarks, and I obliged by making a set of Harry Potter inspired ones for him. It's pretty fitting since we are finally on Half Blood Prince. It's great to reread those books with him because I get to relive it. And I'm trying reallllly hard to get my youngest interested so I can eventually read them to him as well.

I used a lot of different sets for these which is the fun part. I mean, just imagine all the uses each of these sets have seen from everyone using them! I've listed all the supplies I've used at the bottom to create these. They are double sided in case you're wondering. Each of the bookmarks are 2"x6" for those wanting to make some of your own. These would also be fab stocking stuffers or sent with a gift of a book for someone using whatever they're interested in as the theme. I already have ideas for more!


Here they all are:
1. Quidditch brooms and a golden snitch
2. Gryffindor scarf and Harry's little face complete with lightning bolt scar
3. Mandrakes and earmuffs
4. Hedwig wearing Gryffindor colors on her scarf and letters

I hope you enjoyed my project today and you're inspired to take a good look at your stamps and create something for yourself, or a loved one, teacher, daycare provider, or whoever would love a custom set of fun bookmarks themed with something they adore. Thanks for checking them out! 

  • Lawn Fawn Baaah Humbug
  • Lawn Fawn Winter Owl
  • Lawn Fawn Sweet Smiles
  • Lawn Fawn Making Frosty Friends
  • Lawn Fawn Dream
  • Lawn Fawn Let's Bokeh Lawn Cuts
  • Lawn Fawn Bugs & Kisses
  • Lawn Fawn Trim the Tree
  • Lawn Fawn Happy Trails
  • Lawn Fawn You've Got Mail
  • Spectrum Aqua Markers
  • Spectrum Aqua Watercolor Cardstock
  • Spectrum Sparkle Pens
  • Memento Luxe, Rich Cocoa
  • Versafine, Onyx Black


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