Thursday, June 16, 2016

Spotted and Hearted - June

hello and good morning lawnscaping friends!
it's Samantha M here again, and it's time for another Spotted and Hearted!! usually, I find some cards in the Lawnscaping Flickr account! but today, i decided to search Pinterest for some Lawnscaping inspiration! 

(cue the t-shirt cannons, cheering and confetti!!)
i have some amazing projects to feature today! so let's get to it, shall we?

There's no better way to start the day, then with anything rainbow! Ha! I am in LOVE with this card!! The color matching with the watercolor and hearts and the slight curve, is just killing me! Love those to go cups from Love you a Latte! This card has so much interest with that popped up panel too! I just can't stop looking at this!

I totally LOVE this card! The sweet pops of color with the butterfly and the little heart are so sweet! And the grey!!! LOOOOOOVE this! The cute cute little bugs are from Bugs and Kisses and those mushrooms from Gleeful Gardens are my FAVORITE!

I am SO jelly of this card with the So Jelly stamp set! I mean...look! Ha! The depth, the shaker, the colors! WOW! I seriously can't stop looking at this, either! The blues in the background are divine! I love that it gets lighter at the top! And that texture in the sand with the dots is just perfection! Awesome!

I coulnd't NOT share this card people - rainbow - check! Smiley faces - check! Cute, and totally adorable and original pun - check! Ha! These coffees from Love you a Latte CRACK ME UP! I love the shading underneath the cups too! And the pun - can we get back to that for a minute?! Usually people talk about 5 o'clock right? For alcoholic type drinks, but for coffee...I seriously can't stop laughing!! :)

Oh this card is SO AMAZING!! I LOVE the shaker in the middle of the gumball machine from Sweet Smiles! And not only is is actual gumballs - it's sequins too!! So cute!!!! The coloring is INSANE it's so cute! And the bright colors, the rainbow stripes and the perfectly embossed sentiment really make this card stand out! 

ladies feel free to grab the badge above and proudly display it on your blog! today's your day! :)

so what do you say? leave some love for these amazing cards today!
and what's that? you want to see YOUR card featured on the next spotted and hearted post? no problem!
keep posting your lawnscaping challenge projects to the flickr group!!
and did you know that the lawnscaping group has a pinterest page too? check it out here!! so much inspiration all in one place!!


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