Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Laurel's Crafty Space

Hi everyone! Laurel here to share my crafty space with you... I recently moved into a new house... All around the same time I had my daughter prematurely... I know, crazy right? So incredibly thankful for my parents and brother/sister-in-law who drove down to get me moved in to my new place while me and my kids stayed at my mom's house....

Needless to say, the craft room is the last space to get unpacked so it is still a work in progress, but I thought I'd share it with you to today nonetheless!!! We've also got a cameo by Lucas at the end, :)  Instead of pictures, I did a video.. I talked quick because I had no idea how much space I had left on my Iphone......  A few links below of the items referenced in the video:

Expedit Shelving Unit – Ikea ($129)
Expedit Drawers – Ikea ($35 per two drawers)
Expedit Cabinets – Ikea ($20 each)
Table Top – Ikea ($20)
Table Legs – Ikea ($3.50 each)
White Storage boxes – Ikea ($5.99 for 2)
3 tier wired letter tray – Ikea ($8.99)
Spice Jars (holds my buttons) – Ikea – ($3.99 for 4)
Other stuff:
Distress Ink Craft Spinner – Amazon 
Magnetic Storage Book that holds my die cuts and nestabilities – Amazon ($12.99)
Desktop Carousel – Michaels 
Self Healing Mat – X-ACTO – Amazon – ($25.39)
I also thought I would link up some of my FAVORITE crafty supplies, excluding inks and stamps! If you have any questions, let me know!



  1. I LOVE this video! You have an adorable crafty space with such a beautiful view. I have the same Expedit shelf with the same white boxes in my room :D - except that my room is a mess.
    Great ideas with the velcro! And your son is sooo cute.

  2. love it laurel! love how you store your distress inks ;) ty for sharing!!

  3. what a great way to organize your inks!! i love those ideas

  4. I just redid my craft room and have that same Expedit shelving unit, except mine is in the closet, so I can close the accordion doors when I'm done and my craft supply explosion is all hidden ;)

  5. Loved the video..forgot to mention on your blog how sweet Lucas was..very helpful young man:)

  6. Oh my goodness, Lucas is just like my daughter Isabel (she's 6). She crafts just as hard as Mom :D

  7. I enjoyed seeing your crafty space. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Stamping :)

  8. I really enjoyed the nosey around your craft room ...and your son is just too cute :)
    Kate x

  9. I loved seeing your craft room. What an adorable son. I am going to redo how I hae my inks---taking your ideas of the labels on the sides and placing them that way in my drawers. So much easier to find the right colors that way and, with the Distress Inks, having the sponge attached to the bottom---brillant! Thank you for sharing and congrats on the new baby AND new home.

  10. Laurel, what a treat! Your son is precious and rightfully proud of his artwork! Too adorable! :) The way you store your stickles is so clever! :)


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