Thursday, September 15, 2016

Spotted and Hearted - September

hello and good morning lawnscaping friends!
it's Samantha M here again, and it's time for another Spotted and Hearted!! today i have some cards i found in the Lawnscaping Flickr account!

(cue the t-shirt cannons, cheering and confetti!!)
i have some amazing projects to feature today! so let's get to it, shall we?

Ha ha ha! I saw this card, and it totally cracked me up!! I LOVE the custom phrase and the SWEET arrangement of these veggies from Rooting for You! :) The table scene is perfect, and I LOVE that patterned paper for the 'wallpaper' ha ha!! adorable!! 

Oh my goodness!! How ADORABLE is this card?!? I am in LOOOOOOOVE with the coloring of the strawberries!! and I LOOOOOOOVE that pun!! Ha ha ha!!! The images are from the Summertime Charm stamp set, and I think that green polka dotted paper makes the whole thing POP!! I'm so in love with this!  

Oh, I LOVE this!! Corilyn decided to make some dashboards for her forthcoming Travelers Notebooks!! How cool is that?! I LOOOOOVE the coloring of the apples from the Thanks a Bushel stamp set! And those leaves from the Stitched Leaves Dies are just so beautifully blended!! LOVE seeing different kinds of projects with Lawn Fawn products! 

How amazing is this card? I LOOOOOOOVE all of that Distress Ink blending - that texture is just STUNNING!! Those bears from the Dad + Me stamp set are darling! This whole scene has me captivated and I could look at it all day!! 

I absolutely ADORE these little mice!!! And the coloring!?! Wow - the shading and cheeks on these little critters are so adorable!! I just want to squeeze them!! Ha! This is a beautiful card!! 

ladies feel free to grab the badge above and proudly display it on your blog! today's your day! :)

so what do you say? leave some love for these amazing cards today!
and what's that? you want to see YOUR card featured on the next spotted and hearted post? no problem!
keep posting your lawnscaping challenge projects to the flickr group!!
and did you know that the lawnscaping group has a pinterest page too? check it out here!! so much inspiration all in one place!!


  1. I am completely honored that you decided to spot my card! :) Thank you SO've made my day!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my card!!!! As well as vicki I am honored to be spotted by my favorite challenge blog!!
    Thank happy

  3. Thank you so much for sharing my card!!!! As well as vicki I am honored to be spotted by my favorite challenge blog!!
    Thank happy

  4. Thanks for sharing my card! That's so cool!

  5. Yayyyyyy !!! You completely made my day! Thank you so much for that shout out!! Lots of hugs, Tina

  6. Great cards, all! Love the punny greetings especially. LOL ~ Andrea


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