Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Special Guest Nina Marie: Trifold Shaped Birthday Card Video

Hi there! Laurel here and today we are here with a very special guest! Nina Marie was one of our previous guest designers and she made a one layer card that just blew my mind! Like seriously. Blew. My. Mind. So I sent her an email and asked if she would consider making another project along with a video tutorial to share with all of us and she agreed!!!

Check this out!!!

I know right? Let's check out HOW she made this! THANK YOU NINA MARIE for sharing your talent with us! You can watch the video by clicking HERE!


  1. Gorgeous card. I loved this one the first time I saw it. Thanks so much for making a video.

  2. This card is amazing! Thank you for the awesome video tutorial!

  3. Such a beautiful card! Thank you for sharing this awesome technique!!!


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