Sunday, October 26, 2014

FIT Design Team Call Update

Laurel here!  HOLY COW!! Can we just say, HOLY COW! What a response we got!!!! So many submissions, which is a great thing but it sure makes it hard for us to pick!  It will take us some time to sort thru all the submissions, so we will be back as soon as  we can with our decision.

The term will start in January and will run 6 months.  After 6 months, we will say goodbye to our current designers and welcome in six new designers and continue with the 6 month terms going forward.  So there is lots of opportunity here in the future....

With that being said, while we are looking thru the submissions for the available spot we have now, we will be making note of the 6 designers we would like to invite for our next term. Yes, it is silly because it doesn't start until July of 2015, but since we have gotten so many submissions with this call,  we won't be doing another FIT Team call again..... Of course, we understand that you might not be available or even interested in July of next year which is totally understandable, lol!  We Lawnscaping gals like to plan ahead I guess!

You guys are amazing. You rock! And your talent is outta this world awesome! Thanks to ALL OF YOU who submitted! :)

Oh!!!  We will also use this call to pick our monthly guest designers from!!! :) We have openings beginning in January.


  1. So bummed I didn't get my second submission in on time. Thanks for considering us and congrats to those who get selected :) Best of luck everyone!!

  2. Crossing my fingers and toes for everyone.I love the idea of possibly being a GD too! Good luck Lawn Fawn friends!

  3. Good luck to all! I saw some awesome cards linked up while I was scoping out the "competition" ;-) All I can say is wow!!! I don't envy the team for having to sort through it all and make a decision, Good luck to you as you sort as well!

  4. Oh! My! God!

    What an encouraging plan!!! Thank you so much for sharing!
    And keeping my fingers crossed with real hope! :)

    Good luck to all!

    1. How many crossed fingers )) Crossed mine either :)

  5. YAY!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!! Good luck to all and can't wait to hear!!! <3

  6. So many talented crafters! It would be an honor to work among them.

  7. That's awesome!mkeeping my fingers crossed!

  8. Yeahhhh , i'm keeping my fingers crossed too !! Thank you


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