Thursday, October 16, 2014

Caring Hearts Card Drive 10/4-11/28

Hi there friends!!!!!  The holidays are approaching and my good friends Vera and Jennifer are back for the 5th annual Caring Hearts Card Drive to collect holiday cards for the elderly that live in nursing homes. Last year they received over 3600 cards.
There are a few ladies helping  in collecting the cards. Vera is collecting some and Tina Schrof is working with Jennifer in collecting the cards. And to support the nursing homes that are located in Canada, they have Anita Recksiedler and Caroline Bredeson helping out for our Canada joint venture. Since international shipping is expensive, those of you in Canada can mail your cards to Anita or Caroline and they’ll distribute the cards.
The holidays are about family, kindness, and joy. During this time many of the elderly who lives in nursing homes would really feel the loneliness or missing their family. Wouldn’t it be so awesome if we can bring a smile to their face & brighten their holiday season simply by sharing our love of card making? A simple gesture to let them know that they are not forgotten.

A few important details:

  • They need to receive your card by November 28, 2014.
  • Please make the cards for Christmas or Holiday Wishes. Anyone can send a card – your children, church group, scout troops, etc.
  • All cards need to have a message in it.
  • Please sign your name and where you are from.
  • Please include an envelope for each card and please don’t seal the envelope.
  • Please stick to just cards (standard size A2 or 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″).
  • Please don’t use any pins for safety reasons.
  • This is totally optional: If you’d like to include $1 or $2 to help with shipping, it would be much appreciated. We cover the shipping cost ourselves – with no sponsor – so any donation toward shipping would help tremendously. However, this is NOT necessary.
  • In each package, PLEASE include THIS SUBMISSION FORM This helps us in keeping track for prizes! For each card you send, you will get earn an entry.  So the more cards you send, the more entries your earn.
  • You can mail the cards to any of these addresses:
    • Vera Yates, 109 N. Post Oak Lane Ste. 430, Houston, TX 77024
    • Card Drive, c/o Tina Schrof, PO Box 75, Springboro, OH 45066
    • Caroline Bredseson, 7 Brown Street, Ottawa, ON, K1S  1L9, Canada
    • Piney-Fine, Attn: Anita, PO Box 30, Piney, MBR0A 1 K0, Canada
To thank you for participating in this drive, they have many PRIZES for lucky contributors. (Please note that there will also be a blog hop in celebration of this card drive soon… and we will have more prizes from Simon Says Stamp, Online Card Classes, Inspiration Emporium and Verve Stamps for that also!)


(When you next do some crafty shopping, please consider supporting these generous companies!)


  1. I love these companies. Love how generous and supportive the whole industry is. I plan on submitting a lot for the card drive!!! I've only been crafting for 3 months and I want to share my love and make other people smile!!!

  2. I was so glad to see a Canadian address to receive cards! Count me in.

  3. Wow this is AMAZING. Thanks for sharing the info.
    Crafty hugs,

  4. glad you shared this. I have participated for several years, but I had already forgotten. printing it out now!

  5. OH Canada!!! I'm so excited to join in and send my cards =)

  6. Laurel, I have a couple of questions:

    1) should we package each card and envelope in a clear protective baggy? how would you like us to group/ separate the cards and envelopes?
    2) are we allowed/ should we stamp each card with our usual "handmade with love by:.... etc" stamp on the back of each card?

    thank you =)

  7. each card has to have a message, is this a message from you to them? I guess my question is are the cards for them personally or for them to send out? I am glad I ran across this because I think it is an awesome thing to do

  8. Almost forgot about this but sent my box with the hubs this morning, hopefully they will get there in time


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