Friday, May 24, 2013

Melissa's Crafty Space

Hello Fawny Friends!

I hope you're enjoying our crafty room tours! We know some of you have a table, or a corner or the floor, lol! But we wanted to share what we have because it's just fun to peek into other people's spaces!

My Story:
I always want to know the deets of a person space so I'll share with you. I don't have kids and we have a 3 bedroom house. My husband and I each have our own room (his is the man cave, mine is my studio).

My studio is 10' x 10'. My amazing and awesome and totally supportive parents helped me re-do my studio because I obviously needed an intervention, haha!

The Budget:
$300 by my parents and $100 from me.

The Strategy:
I have to see everything I own or it will be forgotten about. It also has to be easily accessible. And I'm short, 5'3", so I need to be able to reach everything!

I wanted one full wall of just shelves. 8' shelves in fact. We put up 5 of those. My second request was clip-it up for my stamps. LOVE seeing them ALL! Third request were shelves for my wood block stamps.

The Pics:


Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. what a fun crafty space Melissa.. thanks for sharing..

  2. Wow! Great job on the organizing.
    Just love your craft space.

  3. Great organization!! Thanks for sharing, I love looking at everyone's studios! You are right about if you don't see it, you forget you have it. While I love my room, I find that to be the case sometimes! There are some current photos of my studio on my blog if you would like to take a peek..
    Happy Stamping!

  4. Melissa, this is awesome!!!!!!! You are soooo organized - I envy your studio!

  5. Uber organization! LOVE!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your space! I love to see how others organize!!

  7. I love your room...just amazing! I would love to know what you used to store your spools of bakers twine, it looks so great!

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by! I bought those wooden units for my twine at The Container Store. In the kitchen isle. I believe the advertized intent was a pots & pad lid organizer/holder. I have 2 of these units in the picture.

  8. WOW!! Your Craft room is Amazing Melissa!!! Lucky it's not my turn to do this next week - will be embarrassing anyway to show my Little Craft corner after seeing this! Love how you've organized Everything - if we ever buy a house I'll come back here for ideas!!!

  9. This is such a great organized craft room. Love the idea of being able to see everything! My boxed up items get totally neglected :(
    Love the peek into your space.

  10. What a gorgeous space! I love your stamp clip it up! Very nice organization!


  11. OMG !!! I want to have the same studio :)

  12. Wow.. this is such nice organisation..
    Envy your studio :-)

    How did you put make the display/storage for the wooden stamps..
    I have quite a few wooden stamps.. So am looking for effective ways of storage...

    1. Hi! We bought those from IKEA. The are about 5" deep maybe.

  13. gorgeous! Love the open shelves.


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