Friday, May 31, 2013

Elena's crafty space.

Hi friends,

I'm actually cringing at the thought of showing off my crafty space.  When I see some of yours, how big and beautiful they are, I'm a little embarrassed.  I actually love decorating, and the top 2 floors of my home are pretty enough, but then the basement room (which measures maybe 10x15ft) has to work as a lounge area, an exercise area, a sewing area, a  computer/work area and a crafty area.  So, it's ugly and crowded!  I'm just hoping some of you can relate....

The pictures were taken right around Christmastime of last year, but nothing much has changed (except that there aren't Christmas cards still lying around!)

I bunched 4 rolling bins from Walmart next to our red sofa, and use them to house my sewing tools and crafty stuff.  I have ink in some of the top drawers, all of my embellishments in other drawers, and all the drawers on the right-hand side house my 8.5x11 inch cardstock.

Full disclosure: right now, my patterned paper is in a foot-high pile on the floor, next to the red sofa.  sigh.

Above the desk area, I installed (read: I made my husband put up) some Ikea DVD racks so that I could have some sets nearby (the ones that are sold in either CD or DVD cases).  To the right of the desk, I put up a few shelves (also from Ikea) so that I could have my favorite inks and tools readily available.  I do all of my creating on this desk - it is never this neat looking :)  

One thing has changed since I took these photos: the stamps racks are all filled up :)

Here's a close-up of my paper punches (which, I hardly ever use anymore, but can't bring myself to sell).  

Did you notice the little espresso cup?  It was part of our wedding favors, 10 years ago.  We gave away a little set.  Now, I keep buttons and tiny die-cuts in one of them.  Also, that is all the washi tape I own in that little container.  sad.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my crafty space!  I am blessed to have it - I've seen even smaller ones!  I am hoping to renovate the entire basement room within the next few years.... I will be itching to show off a brand new crafty area when we do *wink*


  1. I love your small space!! I converted a double closet into my craft space, and I love it because everything is in reach!! I would love to take your punches off your hands! *wink*

  2. I like your craft space, you say it's small but believe me I have smaller! And yours is really organized!

  3. Awesome space! I can totally relate, I live in a 3 room apartment and the crafts have to fit somewhere!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. A small craftspace can be beautiful too!!
    Love how you organized everything!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!!
    Have a great weekend!! :))

  5. such a little space for such DYNAMIC projects...Go to show you don't need much to create FABULOUS!!
    Thanks for the peek.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing, Elena! Lots of creativity is coming from that space :)

  7. So fun to see the area where you make the magic happen. It just goes to show that you don't need a big space to come up with a big idea.

  8. Such a great craft space! You wouldn't feel embarrassed if you saw my craft space--which consists' of a small picnic table in a dark hallway. I don't even have my own room. lol

  9. I wish my space was so organized.
    Thanks for sharing where all your
    creations come from.

  10. I love the peek into your well organized crafty space. I think it looks great!

  11. So fun! I think most people will relate to your space!

  12. Great crafting space. Love your glass-topped table, and your "pencil pots" :)

  13. So fun to see your crafting space, no matte what the size is. It is fun to see what everyone uses to store their supplies and I am in love with your racks from Ikea, so fun and you really look about as organized as anyone else! Thank you for sharing!

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  15. Small space, big results! You create beautifully, lady!


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