Friday, July 20, 2012

Fresh Cut Video by Marie: Create Gradient with one Copic Marker

Hi there! We're back with another segment of the Fresh Cut Video Series. Before we get to it, don't forget that our current challenge is underway and it is sure to inspire you!!!!  Today we have a fun video by one of our frequent challenge players, Marie! She is showing us how to create an ombre or gradient look using only one Copic marker (any blending mark will also work for this technique)..... Take it away Marie!

Marie, thanks so much for making this for us. We love your clean and style designs and are inspired by your talent.

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  1. Great idea and very handy for me since I can't afford too many Copics! So funny cuz when she said that about learning with pencils in school, I all of a sudden had a flashback to my middle school when I was taught a similar lesson! Anyways, great job on the video, thanks!

  2. Thanks for the video reminder. Many of us learned this in school decades ago but didn't remember until your demonstration. Suddenly, eighth grade doesn't seem quite so far in the past!

  3. Enjoyed the lesson. Can't wait to try it out! "-)


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