Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quick and Easy Card for the Heroes Card Drive

DT Member Christy made a video showcasing a quick and easy card she made for the Heroes Card Drive!  Even though she had a personal traumatic event happen, she is still putting this drive at the top of her priority list because she believes in it that much! Let's check it out:

This drive is so dear to my heart! Our soldiers are out there.  Isolated, away from their family and loved ones... Fighting for OUR freedom! The least we can do is send a little sunshine to their lives that they can in turn send some to their loved ones. Most of us have card lying around the house (thinking of you, miss you, etc...). I know I personally have a shoe box full that will be heading out to my husband's ship soon!!!!

I hope you will considering participating and spreading the word. Here is the link to the drive that contains all the deets. The PO Box to send your cards to is:

Laurel Beard

P. O. Box 15198

Jacksonville, FL 32239

Thanks Christy for the video. And a big thanks to all of you for the comments that you have left here and on my blog... I have seen lots of tweets and facebooks posts promoting this drive. You guys are amazing and touch my heart! So thank you!!!!

On a personal note, my heart goes out to Christy. I can not even imagine what she is going thru. There will be more information coming up this weekend on how you can help our crafty friend out if you so wish......


  1. What a TROOPER Christiana is! Thank you so much for sharing the talent with us here. My heart goes out to you and your family!

  2. Big hugs to you and Christy. Thank you for making us all aware of this great cause. And thank you for the sacrifices made by your husband and your family for our country.

  3. Robin, thanks for the hugs, but it's Laurel's family who is making the sacrifice. :o) She deserves the credit.

  4. This is a worthy cause for sure!!! and I was hoping that something was going to be put together to help Christy!! What a shame that this happened to you crafty friend.


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