Sunday, March 4, 2012

Say NO to Word Verification

There is a new style Word Verification in town, and to be perfectly blunt, I can't stand it!!!!!! :) It is hard to read and requires several attempts to get the correct letters!!!

It's very hard/time consuming for the Design Team to leave comments on blogs with Word Verification. We love visiting all of your blogs and get inspired by each of you, so please help us out by turning off word verification! Some of you may not even realize it's on..... Go to your blog settings: Comments: and click "no" to show word verification.

If you are concerned about spam or unwanted comments, you can turn on comment moderation.

Please help us out in this regard so that we may continue to leave you some love on your posts!

Big hugs to all of you! We heart you all!!!! See you back here tomorrow for a new challenge and a new guest designer!!! :)


  1. Totally agree! It's getting really hard getting the word correctly on the first try.

  2. i agree too. i sometimes cannot read the letters correctly and its not because im blind!LOL!!! i always make sure mine is off.

  3. I do agree! It's time consuming and rarely works the first few times. A total waste!

  4. yes! i totally agree. i always hesitate in leaving comments cause i am afraid i can't get through the word verification stage!

  5. The creator of word verification designed this "new version" to help translate/input books into digital format. You are actually helping to decipher sections of text that can't be read by a computer. Turning off WV will fill your box with spam.
    I've decided not to stress about trying to get it right the first time & hit refresh until I can read it.

  6. I agree...I have not been leaving comments since the change. It is impossible to get it right so I give up.

  7. Thank you so much for addressing this issue. So many times I get very frustrated and don't leave comments.


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