Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Card Drive for Kelly

Hey there Lawnscapers!!!  As you know, this challenge blog was created because of our love and passion for Lawn Fawn!   If you keep up with the Lawn Fawn blog, then you know that our dear Kelly Marie lost her beloved grandfather (or Bilo as she called him) this past weekend.  She and her grandfather were very close.  They spoke on the phone every day for the last 20 years.  Some of you have showed interest in showing your love and support for Kelly so we (Linda, Chari and myself) are organizing a little card drive.   

Here's the catch! We have to be quick!  So you would need to drop your homemade cards in the mail NO LATER THAN Monday, 1/23 as Chari will be mailing off all the cards by that Thursday.  We ask these cards be "thinking of you" cards rather than sympathy cards.  If you would like to participate please send cards to:

Cards for Kelly                           or                       Cards for Kelly
c/o Chari Moss                                                      c/o Laurel Beard
402 Olde Covington Way                                     11708 Marsh Elder Dr.
Arden, NC 28704                                                  Jacksonville, FL 32226

They will be collected, unopened and sent to Kelly all together.  We are going to try to keep this as a secret from Kelly so here's to hoping she doesn't read this post.  

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment on this post.....


  1. I just saw this do I still have time to get my card to you ???
    Hugs Dottie

  2. Wonderful idea!!!! Put together by wonderful friends!! I will be making a card tonight!

  3. I will put them in the post today, but they take a week to get from australia to america... is there any other way i can send my regards?

  4. what a lovely and considerate idea!
    count me in!
    thanks so much for organizing this! :)

  5. I am mailing you a card today!
    great idea

  6. Going into the mail tonight!


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